Collar/Leash Combo


Bad Dog Leash and Spiked Collar Set
AD646 Bad Dog Leash/Collar
Bad Puppy Leash and Collar Set
AD647 Bad Puppy Leash/Collar
Collar with Nose Hook
KI125 Collar with Nose Hook
Coveted Collar and Clamp Union
SP525 Collar and Clamp Union
Crimson Tied Collar with Leash
AE144 Crimson Tied Collar Combo
Frisky Beginner Leash and Collar Set
AD354 Leash and Collar Set
Isabella Sinclaire 3 Ring Leather Collar with Leash
IS107 3 Ring Leather Color/Leash
Platinum Bound Chained Collar with Leash


 Sold Out 
AE491 Platinum Collar w/Leash
Strict Leather Collar to Wrist Restraints
AA602 Collar to Wrist Restraints